Be Specific, Be Wrong, It's Okay

Working in cybersecurity is like being a weather forecaster. Things are always changing. But we cannot generalize information, because we are afraid to be wrong. In order to be useful, the information needs to be specific and accurate to the best of our ability.

If the weather forecaster came on the TV and everyday they said the same thing--"Today there is a chance of sun, rain, and snow"--then that would not help anyone. The reason the weather forecast is useful, is because the scientists behind that forecast are pulling together all the data they can, so they can present some details about the weather that will help us plan our day.

Cybersecurity changes almost as frequently as the weather. Things that were true yesterday, may not be true today. However, that is not an excuse to generalize everything and void talking about specifics. In order to make progress, to identify scope, and to analyze root causes, we must talk about what we believe to be true and accurate, and not be afraid to be wrong. Yes, there is the chance that you will be wrong when stating the facts. Being wrong may mean that you did not have all the correct information. That does not make you a bad person, or a poor worker, or an incompetent employee. First, be okay with being wrong. Then, do more research and revise the facts with the new found information. As long as you adhere to intellectual honesty, and do not let your ego get in the way, then people will always think of you as a trustworthy person and will continue to come to you for help.

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